The Great Depression- The Road To Rock Bottom

As economic collapse takes its toll on America, farmers protest; mortgages are called in by banks; robberies increase dramatically; and in the summer of 1932…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “The Great Depression- The Road To Rock Bottom”

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  2. brought up in´╗┐ a shed,never been poor ,only in the head hobo and tramped.GOD,have mercyFUCKED UPP

  3. The 5 reasons you’ve listed all stem from the deviously constructed pyramid scheme economic system that flagrantly´╗┐ exploits the working poor to make the soulless, corrupt richer. The Conservative government have a very limited perception, mental inertia, and are willfully ignorant, hence the vicious cycle is perpetuated and the plight of the working poor is exacerbated. The economic policies of the fascist Conservative government is greed-motivated, it has virtually wiped out the middle class.

  4. 5 reasons are generally given´╗┐ for the great depression:
    1. Bad distribution of income.
    2. Bad banking structure.
    3. Bad corporate structure.
    4. Dubious state of the foreign balance.
    5. Poor state of economic intelligence.
    Do you understand any of these factors?
    How do they square with what you know today?
    Will a great depression happen again?

  5. It’s always the scummy fascist Conservative government that is´╗┐ the cause of global depression. They are tyrannical, anti-progressive and their politics are utterly ineffective.

  6. Why do slaves think the ELITES ever will´╗┐ treat U fairly or justly.

  7. HOOVER was a P.O.S. … all he had to do if buy FOOD on the´╗┐ open market and distribute it to the poor.

  8. I coined the´╗┐ term “Tingled-Down”.

  9. The Elites DID NOT CARE !!! It could have easily been prevented´╗┐ or curtailed.

  10. yes,´╗┐ now we have only one:
    BIG BEN!

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  12. “why should MacArthur´╗┐ have´╗┐ been court-martialed?”
    MacArthur didn’t follow the order from the president to clear the camp from the street area, instead he acted on his own and cleared the whole city.

  13. “The real criminals then were the´╗┐ “central banks””
    What they did?

  14. why should´╗┐ MacArthur have been court-martialed?

  15. MacArthur should have been court-martialed´╗┐

  16. no doubt about who got fatter and richer of this criminal conduct by the the banks and us government..´╗┐ “gods choosen people” are still raping the world today….

  17. Danielle Elliott Reply April 27, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Yeah totally apples to oranges/ there is high unemployment and oddly enough high for those who are´╗┐ educated


  19. You’re comparing apples with oranges.At that time the´╗┐ major industry was farmingAfter WW2 it was industry.If you took into account today the under-employed the rate would be closer to 25 o/o.

  20. Yeah,Reagan tried to re-vamp it.Trickle-down economics…I call it PISS ON YOU!´╗┐

  21. Last time I checked, the unemployment rate today is about 8.3%.´╗┐ The unemployment rate during the Great Depression was about 24.9% on 1933.

  22. Zionism has ruined this country. Follow the´╗┐ money – there is the problem.

  23. That´╗┐ trickle down bullshit just don’t die.

  24. 1776SonofLiberty Reply April 27, 2013 at 7:28 am

    Absolutely correct! When Sen. Nelson Aldrich submitted the “Aldrich Plan” (later Federal Reserve Act of 1913), that was designed by Paul Warburg and other agents from the House of Rothschild, that was the nail in´╗┐ the coffin for the American economy and the road to enslavement under debt for the American People! And now….here we are on the precipice of the “GREATEST” of depressions, resulting in the greatest suffering this nation has ever and will ever know!

  25. clockerification Reply April 27, 2013 at 7:30 am

    The Federal Reserve is a privately´╗┐ owned bank … enough said .

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  29. Subrena Northcross Reply April 27, 2013 at 10:36 am

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  34. Dear Anna,
    I love your channel because I think you talk about so many´╗┐ important issues and still manage to be hilarious. It really makes me mad when all of the comments on your channel either say how hot you are, that they love your cats, or that you’re just Ray WJ’s stupid Asian girlfriend. It seems to me that these types of comments just disregard the topics you talk about. Still this is one of my favorite YouTube channels.


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  40. gregarioussorrow Reply April 27, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    this has to be one of the few channels on YouTube I know where nearly every issue that is brought up is rendered´╗┐ moot or just pointless because everyone in the comment section is hell bent on praising the cute asian youtube personality and nobody really cares about giving some,I don’t know… sensible insight into Depression that individuals can relate to?instead the comment section is rife with praise towards a person who really doesn’t need it- she already knows she’s awesome(!)

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