How To Cope With Depression

Here are some ways to cope with depression. Need more ideas? Let me know! Twitter: Facebook:…
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The National Archives Southeast Region presents stories from survivors of the Great Depression overlaid with powerful pictures from era.

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50 Responses to “How To Cope With Depression”

  1. If I am depressed i often go and visit friends or family even tho i want to stay at home. It really cheers me up when i am there. My dog also helps alot actually… But the best things are walking, meeting people, do stuff around the house (laundry, cleaning etc)

  2. MysticNightmare1 Reply April 7, 2013 at 10:20 pm

    Plz watch my video 🙁 im kinda ugly

  3. MysticNightmare1 Reply April 7, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Happyness is temporary, my depression is forever! Tried hangin myself 3 times. I wud by a gun for on stand by but that fucking law

  4. I’m in so much clinical depression that I’m all set to go onto the ice and skate head on into the Zamboni.

  5. Hey,
    I’m so sorry that you are experiencing these emotions while you are young. You may find my blog helpful! Just click my name to get the link.

    If you need someone to talk to, just e-mail me.

    Stay Strong!!!! You’ll beat this

  6. Amy,
    I’m so sorry you had to go through that! I know it’s hard to fight but keep fighting. You are stronger than you realize!!!

    Click my name to get my blog link. I think you’ll find it very helpful.

    Stay Strong. Keep Being YOU

  7. :’)

  8. Does anyone get really cold when ur depressed

  9. Useless advise

  10. Wow youre not depressed. Shit comments go fuckyourself

  11. Thank you.

  12. Michelle Navarro Reply April 8, 2013 at 4:16 am

    I’ve been pretty down lately, but it helps to watch YouTube stuff or spend time with my boyfriend. c: and when I start getting my anxiety problem it helps when I’m with my boyfriend or sit. lol

  13. I’m 11 and I have depression, I’m not sure if I am diagnosed with it though. But I’ve been badly depressed for about 2 months now… And I can’t seem to lift myself up. My mom doesn’t know how bad it is. But it’s kinda funny how people dont know how bad it is.

  14. Brave of you to make this video. Facebook is probably the worst thing for me.

  15. it’s hard to get people to understand how bad it actually is. i’ve literally pushed everyone i knew out of my life just so i could be alone in this, but now im hated. if it was something like diabetes it would be so much more understandable. fuck depression, im sick of feeling so low :

  16. Wise words.

  17. I feel depressed right now. Struggling to go on.

  18. *battling

  19. I understand you mishy me myself and I have been barreling depression for months now. Always angry and I get phisically sick alot. I always feel low and I have attempted suicide twice and didn’t work. The mental hospital DOES not help you. They just prevent you from doing what you tried to do. I really hope I can get over this after all.

  20. at least your photogenic, pretty, and have tons of views on youtube. you can do successful things with that stuff.

  21. I have had depression and anxiety for a year now and this sorta thing will help me so much. Thank you. All I have been doing is living in my room and listening to music. Also not eating much. But thanks for this advice I will try these sometimes c:

  22. i am 13 and when i get depressed i grab a baseball a glove and a bat go get friends and hit the crap out of the ball

  23. this is so true ….. im 13 and have diagnosed depression i cant get out of bed on a morning i hardly eat i stay awake all night i live in my bedroom by my self::::: it all started a few months ago when my babysitter strangled me so I hit her and the police took me and my mum kicked me out….i hardly see her my whole life is a total mess im really down and nothing seems to be working i really dont know what yo do :”(

  24. I have a friend who has started this.

    Having trouble with something your going through? Send Allie an email @ and she’ll do her best to help. She has dealt with suicide, cutting, breakups, anorexia etc. Please help spread the word to hurting teens. I wish i had someone like this when i was young and struggling. It would have helped. Even if all they could offer was a listening ear. Also, send me a message or comment if you want to talk to me or anything.

  25. I’m sorry you have to suffer with this. You seem like a really nice person, I hope you get better, it always have to make the nicest ones suffer the most 

  26. These days our income is decreasing and our prices are rising. Yet no one is willing to call this a depression.

  27. WOW.

  28. There’s still plenty of people living in cardboard boxes and begging on the streets.

  29. Jesus, people! When did youtube become “i hate everyone who doesn’t think like me” world!

  30. It must be hard for a mentally disabled person in todays society. Kudos to you for learning to read and write! Just keep working on comprehension, You’re almost there!

  31. History well may paint a much different picture of Roosevelt who made the depression worse and even set the stage to invite attack on Pearl Harbor. 75 year sealed records will be available soon to augment history.

  32. I remember seeing a photo of one or more small girls with dresses made from burlap seed bags. Folks today can’t fully appreciate that kind of deprivation but may well live to experience it all over again, or worse.

  33. NICK CORDOBA SR. Reply April 8, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    We might be headed the same way, Congress better get their act together.

  34. When JESUS CHRIST comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, HE will sit on His glorious throne. OPEN YOUR HEART TO JESUS CHRIST !

  35. In 2013 the “Poor” have cell phones and DvD players. In 1933 people were darn lucky to get a piece of fabric from the Gov’t to make a dress out of. Do you think the Poor of today would make their own dress out of cheap fabric and have tears in their eyes with excitement over their new dress?? In 1935 my Grandma said it was a big deal if they made a family decision to kill 1 of their chickens for a Sunday dinner. Today I see the “Poor” in the drive-thru at KFC buying a $12 bucket of chicken..

  36. Even though I’m a lifelong Republican, as is most of my family (I’m 55), we are not rabid about it. Most of us have a bit of Libertarian coursing through our politics. Anyway, ALL of my old Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents who lived through the Depression of the 30’s simply adored Roosevelt. My family was lower, Working Class and Conservative yet because they were poor they spoke of FDR like he was a Saint. People today don’t know what it’s like to be truly Hungry. Capitalism has its flaws…

  37. @williaml3451 FDR was the greatest president our country had after Lincoln and Washington.  Hover did zilch during his entire Presidency because he was “hands off” but the economy only got worse.

  38. @explorepikespeak The Great Depression was in full swing when FDR was sworn in. Unemployment was already 25%.

  39. right before the market crashed it hit an all time high. Sounds familiar.

  40. Never judge companies in only two categories. There is a lot of diversity between different businesses and companies. Many moves and options that can be made.

  41. Don’t do Youtube search on heated debates. They’re generally way too one sided and full of ridiculous and pathetic conspiracies.

  42. There’s 2 kinds of companies. One that makes friends with the govt. for special favors. The second one is a company creating value and serving its customers without govt. favors. The first way leads to different levels of corruption within the govt. Today there is resentment for all companies. But in my mind a company creating value (a product or service a consumer values) is actually Serving mankind not taking advantage or greedy. The owner of this type of company is a real Giver not a Taker.

  43. When a person gets their paycheck what does he/she do with it? They spend it on what they want. Do they give there money to people they don’t like? NO. The same with a rich person. He puts his money in an offshore money account to protect his money. If he didn’t the govt. would tax his money. If the govt. would lower the tax rates he would circulate that money in the US economy. There’s 4 things that can happen to money: taxed away, spend on family, given to charity, reinvested in the business.

  44. FDR is always sited as one of the top Presidents in our history. Yet he had 10 years straight of 20% or more of unemployment. The US had a “Great Depression”, all other countries had a “Depression” and some countries had no depression at all. FDR extended this nation’s misery needlessly because he did not believe in Capitalism. He believed in Big Government Programs. When things go bad it’s the ignorant and uninformed populace yelling their fool heads off for the govt. to do something.

  45. And no more tax breaks for the big companies while they pay their executives million dollar bonuses for sitting in their plush offices watching the peons make them even more money from the sweat of their brows.

  46. I so agree with fining companies that do not bring the jobs back to America for our citizens to make a living instead of paying foreign countries pennies to do the work that was stolen from us.

  47. haha

  48. I see what you did there 😉

  49. Of course during the GD most people did well. Only those poor 25% without jobs really suffered badly. Useless people like lawyers, accoutants, government employees etc could buy assets for nothing at near zero loan interest rrates. Many undeserving multi millionaires were created as a long term effecrt of the GD. Producers, movers and shakers were destroyed. Govt meddling made things a lot worse. It’s how things are going today. The false Govt spending based on printing is starting bad jobs.

  50. Exactly right.