How Rising From A Prison Of Depression / Social Anxiety / Negativity Is Like Crawling From A Pit

Tyler of ( makes the comparison between succeeding as a “hardcase newbie” and how Bruce Wayne crawls out of the pit in “Dark Knight …

Tony Robbins Depression Part 1.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “How Rising From A Prison Of Depression / Social Anxiety / Negativity Is Like Crawling From A Pit”

  1. Put the´╗┐ dark knight rises soundtrack on in another browser.
    Let’s fucking do this.

  2. “who conquered all of his past and fears and rose to the top”

    this is the misconception… You think there’s an end to conquering your fears? No. Be happy that you still have some fears. As long as you keep evolving and not stagnating you should be happy to have fears because they force you to evolve. Fear is what makes this life extra juicy ­čÖé The´╗┐ misconception is that fear is bad. Fear is awesome because you can use it as leverage to STEP THE FUCK UP.

    “I am motivated by fear.” Will Smith

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  4. this explains so much to me. especially the empathy part and why many people can’t understand or care about a “hard case”.

    my situation has been a gradual decline, much negative self talk, etc. i’m not weird or bitter, just extremely self conscious. now i’m getting to the age where people start wondering why i am how i am. it’s like my mind is focused´╗┐ inwards instead of outwards where life is.

    thanks for the motivation and will have to check out your other info!

  5. Love you man. You are´╗┐ the big brother than 1000’s of people did not have.

  6. all´╗┐ girls are hookers. some are free some cost money (;

  7. This was amazing. I could relate so much´╗┐ to everything that was said, and it really gives me that motivation to become better. Thanks.

  8. I can see Tyler getting emotional when describing this… it’s actually reminding him of his past and how he pulled himself out of that shit…

    I just love you Tyler you are a true man who conquered all of his´╗┐ past and fears and rose to the top…

  9. That movie really hit me hard to on an emotional level. The scene when Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes to see Wayne and pulls him out of his slumber was the catalyst for my relationship to what was going on on a deeper level in the film. I think that’s why it’s such a great movie. It has something for everyone. Amazing film/cast/director.´╗┐ It’s rare I connect with cinema so deeply like I did with this.

  10. Ru interested of recruiting´╗┐ new member to be apart of your team?

  11. 5:20 struck home with me. Tyler,´╗┐ your my new favorite rsd guy.

  12. Great stuff Tyler. Very educational for those stuck in´╗┐ a negative mindset or someone who has no motivation/encouragement.

  13. This was one of the best Tyler videos I’ve ever seen… I mean it really did feel like someone very close to me who knows me well´╗┐ and cares about me for real was talking to me, not just like watching a video… Thank you Tyler for what you do, you have no idea what this does for some of us man, for real.

  14. What the hell is a hard case newbee´╗┐

  15. iv gotten to use to accepting i can’t talk to and get girl’s .so the rest of my life has involved school i can talk to a crowd and do business just cant´╗┐ talk to girl to save my life or get a a girl. oh well i’ll have money for hookers after i finish school

  16. this helped me get back in school and stick it out till i get my degree. getting girls on the other hand this stuff´╗┐ ………….

  17. Tyler for´╗┐ president

  18. Thanks man. Great video. I relate to this´╗┐ big time.

  19. As a guy who transformed himself from a fat pizza head to a 70 lb lighter vegan, I can relate to the isolation and darkness you so precisely describe. I think an important thing to add´╗┐ is that the closer you are to climbing out of the hole, the more effort is required on all fronts. I appreciate your approach to game — balancing the spiritual, physical, social, mental aspirations to complete your game rather than myopically plunging into it. I will remember your advice and be sure to use it.

  20. Say owen, been watching for years now, do I get the impression that telling this analogy was really hard in this video? You seemed to be digging deep at times. Just curious.´╗┐

  21. Man I’ve been through some intense shit where I would think I was at rock bottom, pull myself out, fuck´╗┐ up in some way, and then fall back down again even deeper. I’ve repeated this cycle so many fuckin times. I don’t think I can do it anymore I’ve had enough it’s time to cut the rope!!!

  22. Tyler, thanks a ton for your video man. I guess I’ve´╗┐ never fully appreciated the fact that others have seen that horror as well.

  23. Francisco De Pool Reply April 29, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    thank you so much´╗┐ for this video tyler.

  24. JohnnyJohnsonIAm Reply April 29, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Does´╗┐ anyone else want to jump off that cliff?!

  25. I would’ve paid money to´╗┐ here this. Thank you Owen.

  26. I wonder if this woman´╗┐ realizes that everyone skips past that horrible voice?? thumbs up if you listened to her for 1 sec or less! lol

  27. I got depressed´╗┐ listening to this narrator

  28. After listening to this woman..i´╗┐ am now absolutely totally depressed… time to slice my wrists…lol

  29. Fuck that´╗┐ Narrator.

  30. Have you ever seen an ugly/average guy own a club, just totally socialise and have women throw themselves at them? I have it, it’s mind-boggling´╗┐ to watch.

  31. I think he’s trying to tackle the common´╗┐ form of depression that everyone experiences at times rather than the really clinical cases, the difficult ones. I.e the 10 = suicidal cases. I think he could deal with them but you’re right, they wouldn’t be there.

  32. “He..a…lookalikeaman!”´╗┐

  33. rubbing of the hand is OCD,´╗┐ not depression.

  34. I stopped at 10:40. I’m amazed how she is showing “classic”´╗┐ signs of depression but she is contained and compliant to his talking. True depressives can only be experienced in our hospital ward. If she attacked him with a bed pan or the IV rack when whe became uncomfortable, then I’d be more believing…however, I’m going to continue watching now.

  35. ComputerTrainer101 Reply April 29, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    Let’s face it, hot women are at the top of the food chain these days. Ugly or average white men are screwed. Just try being an average´╗┐ guy at a night club some day and see how you feel by the end of the night after being rejected by all the hotties.

  36. ComputerTrainer101 Reply April 29, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    If you are a hot women Nibbler800, lets date! Here are the positives, every guy you see kisses your ass all the time and listens intently on what you have to say. You are the first in line for a promotion. If things aren’t working out financially, all you have to do is dance for a few guys and make six figures. Other women respect you and want to be you. People will always go out´╗┐ of their way to be polite to you if you will just give them a few seconds of attention. You can get any rich guy.

  37. Sounds´╗┐ more like the drive-thru woman’s voice from the film ‘Dude, Where’s My Car’ to me. Heheh! …. “and then??”

  38. So, according to that logic all hot women should be happy shiny people without a care in the world. If only that were true. I’ve seen some seriously Plain-Janes who have gotten all the stuff in life their attractive friends didn’t. Men aren’t intimidated by them. Women don’t see them as a threat and avoid or act bitchy to them. No one tries to take them down a peg or two because they blend right in. Their plainness is their key to it´╗┐ all. Take it from one who knows my friend :-]

  39. She has trust issues with men in her past.´╗┐
    They took advantage of her after seeing she was hot.
    The superficial thing you think gives her the world has been the cause of her depressing past.

  40. The narrator is getting´╗┐ me depressed.

  41. the narrator is annoying..´╗┐

  42. Yep, and especially if you’re a hot woman´╗┐ and brilliant? You have the world by the cojones, lol! xD

  43. I doubt Tony Robbins´╗┐ has ever been depressed, lol! xD

  44. Her voice is making me feel´╗┐ depressed!

  45. the mexican maid from family guy is voice´╗┐ acting

  46. Is´╗┐ Karin Dreijer Andersson narrating this?

  47. Damn´╗┐ narrator.

  48. granny shut the fuck´╗┐ up

  49. ComputerTrainer101 Reply April 30, 2013 at 1:50 am

    I cry when bitches like her turn me´╗┐ down.

  50. ComputerTrainer101 Reply April 30, 2013 at 2:28 am

    Someone that hot shouldn’t be depressed. It couldn’t get any easier than being´╗┐ a hot woman!